Laura & Dave – Heathy Lea – Derbyshire

When I first spoke to Laura & Dave it was over FaceTime. I was sat in front of my iMac with a screaming kid in the background and these pair was on the other end using their iPhone. I really felt like I waffled on far to fast but it must have done the trick because they booked us without even seeing Graeme.

We went to see them finally after nearly a year at a little place called Rowleys in Baslow. Stunning place. They are really down to earth, fun to be around people and are up for anything. A dream couple!

The first half of the day started of wet, and I mean wet! Wet to the point when we returned to the reception at the stunning Heathy Lea B&B the staff where dripping from handing out Champagne to all the guests. But as luck would have it, as soon as Laura & Dave arrived the clouds parted and the sun tore its way through and was here to stay!

A free bar helped everyone get over the wet shoes and also put everyone in the mood to party hard later into the evening. I say evening, it was 4am by the time it finished so Laura tells me. This party was wild!!



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